By 2030 the world’s energy demands are expected to increase by 50%. Renewable energy is therefore set to play an increasing role in meeting these needs. We are one of the leading insurers in the renewable energy industry, with market-leading positions across the globe. Our international team of renewable energy underwriters have experience totalling over 600 years and can cover insurance needs in over 130 countries.

We provide insurance across the full customer experience from the manufacturing of the technology and the early shipment of materials, through to the construction phases and on to the provision of a full insurance solution for the operational life of the facilities.

With the largest number of Renewable Energy insurance experts in the world, our team specialise in a number of technologies, including:

  • Wind energy - Onshore and Offshore
  • Solar energy - Photovoltaics, Concentrated and
  • Thermal installations
  • Hydro energy
  • Bio energy - Biomass, Biogas and Waste to Energy plants
  • Wave and Tidal energy

Our products cover:

  • Transit - Marine Transit and Marine Delay in Start-up
  • Construction - Contract Works, Advanced Loss of Profits and Liability covers
  • Operations - Property All Risks, including Machinery breakdown, business Interruption and Liability covers



Wind power is now established as one of the world’s leading alternative energy sources. Today the sector is growing at more than 25% a year and employs over half a million people worldwide. We have more than 30 years’ experience in finding insurance solutions for our customers in this sector. With an extensive track record of insuring wind energy projects at every stage of development, from construction through to operation, we are one of the few insurers to offer both offshore and nshore cover. Indeed, today we insure manufacturers of many of the world’s wind turbines and are involved in the insurance of approximately 80% of the world’s offshore wind farms.

As the wind energy industry has grown we have seen a number of risks emerge such as:

  • Access to site issues
  • Cable damage
  • Increased business interruption from supply chain issues
  • Lightning strikes
  • Storm damage
  • Technology defects.

Both onshore and offshore we offer protection at every turn. From project delays and mechanical breakdown through to storm damage and lightning strikes, we cater to a wide range of risks.


We are a leading solar energy insurer with an extensive track record of insuring solar plants and projects. We insure both photovoltaic and thermal solar systems and have market-leading positions in many countries including Spain, France, Canada and Italy. With the evolution of solar technology, businesses need to protect against many risks, including:

  • Geological hazards
  • Hail
  • Mechanical breakdown of key components
  • Snow
  • Theft


RSA have extensive experience of insuring small hydro projects and our specialist underwriters are skilled at building insurance solutions based on local geographical knowledge and natural perils. We help our hydro customers protect against many risks, including:

  • Mechanical breakdown of key components
  • Mudslide
  • Flood.


Many companies, including RSA, are seeking new ways to source alternative solutions to their energy and waste management needs. Biomass currently contributes more than 10% to global energy consumption with plans for further development. Biofuels are so widespread that in some countries, no pure gasoline is sold. RSA are a leading biomass and biogas insurer covering biomass incineration and gasification plants from construction through to operation. With rapid expansion and process innovation, businesses need to protect against many risks, including:

  • Large inventories of combustibles
  • Prototypical nature of some processes
  • Mechanical breakdown of key components


Whilst wave and tidal energy technology remains in its relative infancy, the sector has immense future potential. Wave and tidal energy is an emerging sector with projects seen in Europe, Canada and Asia with the UK in particular becoming a global focal point for development due to the abundance of resource around UK shores. This particular form of energy has the potential to meet a sizeable percentage of the global electricity demand and
at RSA we are very excited about its future.

Risk management

Risk management services - worldwide

As the global economy continues to grow, in complexity, in interconnectedness, in sheer scale, so too does businesses’ need to gain an accurate assessment of the risks they face. With costly over-protection on the one hand and catastrophic loss on the other, the need to get it right has never been greater.

Our risk engineers’ and account consultants’ long experience in every sector, all over the world, have enabled a deep understanding of the specific risks faced by businesses on any scale, whatever their industry. They work closely with customers and brokers to identify and assess risks, and develop customised and comprehensive improvement programmes that achieve the optimum balance between mitigation and transfer, delivering effective protection at the lowest possible cost.

Our risk management services include:

  • Full surveys and audits
  • Property and business interruption assessments
  • Liability and fleet management programmes
  • Project reviews
  • Post loss risk evaluations
  • Business continuity management
  • Benchmarking against industry peers


Handling claims efficiently - worldwide

Our Claims team is dedicated to supporting our customers when they need us most – from the epic to the everyday; we keep customers moving when the worst happens.

We are committed to providing the best possible service, wherever it happens in the world. Delivering on that commitment takes comprehensive expertise. Our claims specialists bring deep technical knowhow, empowered through continual training, and subject to regular quality and technical audits. We offer dedicated relationship and claims management, and have a special complex claims unit to oversee large-scale and complex claims. We bring the right blend of additional specialists, from counter-fraud and supply chain experts to marine surveyors and legal providers. Making sure you have the right expertise on every claim, every time.

Our approach is one of close liaison and partnership with our customers; we deliver the things our clients tell us they value:  reliability and transparency from start to finish; clear access to decision makers and teams built around you; strong controls around reserving, consistent technical capability around the globe. At all times we keep things simple, deliver on our promises, and ensure that we’re easy to deal with.

With claims handlers tracking progress from first notice of loss through to settlement, keeping customers informed throughout, and making interim payments as necessary, our smooth and seamless procedures minimise the impact of any incident, and ensure that claims are settled as quickly, efficiently and professionally as possible.

Our claims management offers:

  • Claims specialists with technical know-how
  • Specialist unit for large-scale and complex claims
  • Comprehensive supply chain and specialist partners
  • Reliability and transparency throughout
  • Clear access and escalation points
  • Strong controls around reserving
  • A consistent licensing system
  • A single worldwide technical quality benchmark
  • Quick and efficient settlement

Global network

Total support through partnership - worldwide

Businesses all over the world need expert advice and effective cover; some need advice and cover all over the world. Our core operations support customers directly in 33 countries, but we can also call on our extensive network of expert partners to extend that support to over 150 countries and territories worldwide.

Working closely with our partners, we can offer a deep understanding of local markets in every sector, from legislation to regulation to taxation, backed up by a real feel for the important intangibles, such as local commercial norms and culture. Our partners have been carefully selected not only for their expertise but because they share our commitment to proactivity, integrity and flexibility. Ultimately it all adds up to effective support worldwide, whatever the need, whatever the scale.

The services delivered by our worldwide network include:

  • Underwriting, policy issuance, claims handling and risk engineering
  • Culturally-aware support, delivered in local languages
  • Efficient cross border transactions and cash flow management
  • Comprehensive, expert risk management
  • Real time premium and claims data
  • Proactive monitoring of underwriting and claims service
  • Flexibility and responsiveness, for rapid resolution of issues

Relationship management

Impeccable relationship management - worldwide

We believe that strong relationships form the very foundation of all good business. That’s why we invest such effort, experience and expertise into our relationship management.

There are, in our view, three essential aspects to good relationship management: first, recognition of mutual benefit among all parties – RSA, brokers and customers; second, transparency, honesty and attentiveness in all our dealings, to help us fully understand our customers’ needs and develop solutions that are right for them; third, delivering on promises without fail.

Our relationship management is rooted in:

  • Listening carefully, to accurately grasp your priorities and needs
  • Operating efficiently, to deliver appropriate solutions economically
  • Applying our broad expertise to add value to your business
  • Assigning dedicated, named individuals to deliver a bespoke service based on real knowledge of your business
  • Providing access to our senior decision makers and executives at all times
  • Keeping you fully informed, proactively alerting you to industry developments relevant to your business

Technical expertise

We have experts from many sectors and give our customers access to the best people the industry has to offer.

When choosing RSA, we match your business with relevant experts who have a deep understanding of your business and the right skills and experience to deliver a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Our common framework is built around our strong technical expertise in pricing, underwriting, Risk Management, Relationship Management, Operations and claims.

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